Direct mail how it can work for you

19 June, 2019

The importance of a great customer experience

The number one way you can differentiate yourself from your competitors is through offering a great customer experience.  We all remember those bad customer experiences and many of us are pretty keen to tell everyone else about them, instantly, on social media platforms….loud and proud.  But when we experience great customer service, we may not immediately shout about it on social media but what we do is far more rewarding for the brand owner.  We engage with that brand, we’re more likely to buy from that brand and we invest ourselves in long term brand loyalty.  In a crowded market place the experience we provide to our customers is how we can gain competitive advantage.

Effective communications make a difference

Our digital platforms are able to tell us when to communicate with our prospects and customers.  This is usually at key trigger points such when they download a report, complete a webform, purchase a product or request more information.  The key to effective communications is judging how to communicate.   Email is the obvious response method due to its immediacy but one of the most powerful means of communication is via the mail.  A personalised mailing is a tailored one to one communication making our customers feel better informed and more valued.


57% Feel More Valued
57% Feel More Valued Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, The Private Life of Mail, 2015

Building your brand

Imagine if you could have that type of valued communication with more than one person…well stop the presses – you can.  Direct Mail, remember that idea from back in the day?   Well, it’s never really gone away, it may have gone out of fashion for a while but it’s now re-purposed.  When combined with digital marketing direct mail becomes an effective way to promote your brand, instil customer loyalty and generate an action to purchase.

Valued mail makes people think differently
Valued mail makes people think differently  Source: Royal Mail, MarketReach, How to build your brand with mail

Some of the benefits of using Direct Mail

It’s not one or the other

This is not a blog article advocating direct mail at the expense of email.  Email is an incredibly effective way of quickly communicating to a large audience at the click of a button, it’s easy to measure the success of your campaign and it’s relatively low cost to implement.   However, the impact of GDPR has seen every company engaged in digital marketing communications and online activity rethink their data management and strategy to comply with GDPR rules.  The rise of email spam and phishing scams, malware and viruses has meant more emails never reach the end recipient even if you’re campaign is ethical and genuine.

It’s when email and direct mail activity are combined that you have an extremely effective marketing strategy with both media working together to create greater 1 to 1 relationships with your customers. Research by Royal Mail shows that mail is viewed as important, believable and reliable whereas email is seen as quick, smart and informal*.   The smart marketer will adapt their communication choice to fit their customer’s needs.

*Source: Royal Mail, MarketReach, Mail and email Research Report


Who can I contact?

Regardless of whether you are mailing, emailing or using the phone you need to get your customer and prospect data in order.  The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) expects every Data Controller to be responsible for how and why their data is processed. You may choose to manage your data yourself or you may choose to use a professional data processing company like Dawleys to be your ‘Data Processor’.  Either way how you manage your data must comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Your relationship with your customer’s is going to be more successful if you understand their wants and needs.  We all want to be treated as an individual and this is where data analytics comes into play.  By drilling into your data you can discover a world of customer intelligence that will define your audience, help you understand their preferred method of communications and provide insight for you to define offers and services that are relevant and timely.

How Dawleys can help

At Dawleys we can help you update, segment and analyse your data in a secure ISO27001 Information Security Management controlled environment.  We can also offer advice and services to help you contact your customers and prospects by mail, email and contact centre services. and perhaps save you money with our discounted postal rates.

Contact us on 01989 768562 or to see how we can help you.




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