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Dawleys makes thousands of outbound telephone calls every month. Whether you are a large brand, an SME or a public body, we’ll take the time to fully understand your requirements and develop a plan that delivers the best results for your organisation. We handle a range of outbound contact centre services for clients, including:

Data enhancement:

Dawleys handles a substantial number of telesales campaigns for clients each year. After the necessary data checks, we recommend a small call trial to establish the viability of the data supplied. The more we know about a prospect the easier it is to engage them and we may recommend further enhancing the call data via desk research or our online screening service.

Sales lead pre-qualification:

Sometimes you’re just not sure if your prospects are really interested in what you have to offer. Sometimes your sales team needs help sorting interested customers from casual enquiries. Our outbound call centre team has many years’ experience selling in client propositions and persuading prospects to agree to follow-on discussions.

This can be a cost-effective way for you to pass qualified leads on to your sales teams. And, like several of our clients, you too may enjoy seeing your sales team make up to 45% conversion rates on the leads we pre-screen.

Data cleansing:

The aim for some clients is to create a clean database for mailing and other communications projects. Our telesales team will call your contact list to check for accuracy and update where necessary gathering key contact information, verifying and updating company details and obtaining opt-in permissions.

Surveys & Questionnaires:

Dawleys carries out online surveys on behalf of clients and can also provide a cost-effective solution to clients wishing to conduct tele-surveys. Whether you are looking for a quick assessment of your service or a story for public relations activity, we can help.

Appointment setting & event management:

Using the clean data-set, we’ll start to make contact and book appointments.  If we can access an online diary we can book appointments directly.  If you are hosting an event we can help you with those essential details such as roll calls prior to the event taking place to minimise do not attends, dietary confirmation or special arrangements.

Data and Quality Management:

Data is at the heart of the Dawleys operation. We are ISO27001 accredited and comply fully with the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2004. Our processes include TPS and CTPS data screening before usage. Our ISO9001 accreditation ensures we use a client-focussed Quality Management System. As part of this, we take care to fully understand your brief and train our contact centre staff on the requirements of your campaign.

With most outbound telesales projects, at the end of the project you will receive a clean database in a format that best suits your internal system’s requirements.

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Our outbound call centre handles data cleansing, lead qualification, appointment setting, surveys and a host of other projects on behalf of clients.

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