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Data Management – Best Data Practices

What is data management?

Data management is the end to end process of managing your data from collection of the data, holding the data, cleaning the data to using the data. Effective data management will see the replacing, modifying and deleting of inaccurate, incomplete and inconsistent data. These inaccuracies will almost always have been created by human error usually at a data entry point or when transferring data from one system to another. Whilst processes can be in built at a point of data entry to validate data, us humans will always find a way to inadvertently or deliberately circumvent these checks. We’ve all heard the expression ‘’rubbish in, rubbish out’’ and this is never truer than when dealing with a Marketing Database.

Why is data hygiene important?

Being able to accurately target groups of your most promising customers and prospects, enabling you to focus your resources and save costs, is one of the major benefits of investing in a Marketing Database. To ensure you continue to get the best from your investment you need to ensure the data you hold is kept up to date. If you get your data management right it’s easier to implement effective Direct Marketing and Database Marketing campaigns using Data Analytics and Data Segmentation. There are a variety of data management practises that Dawleys can help you with to ensure your data is kept up to date and effective.

How will data management benefit me?

Unless you have an effective data management programme in place, your data will gradually decay and become at best unreliable and at worst inaccurate and misleading. Using inaccurate data to base management decisions on is not only ineffective but could lead to costly mistakes. Dawleys have a range of tried and trusted services to help you build an efficient data management process.

How can Dawleys help me?

Collection of data via online front end systems or captured from paper forms Raw data has to be turned into an electronic format before it to be loaded into your customer database. Dawleys can assist with web form design, data validation tools and datacapture services to help you get your data into the correct format for loading into your Marketing Database.


An objective with any Marketing Database is to hold a single view of the customer. This can only be achieved with the regular identification of duplicates within your data. Many duplicates can be identified at the time of loading but will often data requires a deep dive to identify duplicates that are obvious to the human eye but not to your data.

Postcode Address File verification

We can re-format your data to Postcode Address File standard (PAF) to maximise your address matching success rate to de-duplicate records, enable you to take advantage of any postal discounts and carry out accurate location analysis. Royal Mail update the PAF file twice a year which includes postcode changes and the addition of new postcodes. PAF validating your database after each update ensures your address data remains accurate and improves your chances of identifying duplicates.

Data Cleansing

Identifying inaccurate or corrupt records within a database can be performed as a batch process when loading data or interactively with data management tools. Dawleys have tools and systems to carry out both types of cleansing and a team of skilled operatives who can process data cleanse exceptions. The exceptions are those annoying records that don’t fit your database structure and can cause data analysis errors and anomalies. They invariably need researching and checking before updating to create clean and accurate data.

Data Analytics

Dawleys Business Intelligence provides secure online access to your data in a graphical format. Data is analysed to produce easy to understand charts and graphs. Data can be updated daily and access provided 24/7 so that you can view the data when you want to see it. No more waiting for analysts to send you a spreadsheet.

Data Segmentation

By clustering your data you can identify groups of customers or prospects that exhibit similar attributes and likely to react in similar ways. These clusters can be put into Segments on your Marketing Database which you can target with direct marketing activity and track the results for effecitiveness. Segmentation is also used to trigger targeted communications to reward or acknowledge behaviours that you want to encourage and behaviours that you want to change. When used in conjunction with a communications programme segmentation is a powerful direct marketing tool. Dawleys analytics team can assist in defining clusters and segments and the development of a behaviour triggered communications plan. The tracking of segments can be built into your Dawleys Business Intelligence reports for you to quickly monitor the effectiveness of your direct marketing activity.


Useful information to update your customer interests and propensities to purchase can be gathered from regular surveys either via emails with links to a survey, embedded into your websites or via direct calls. Dawleys can provide the skills and services to carry out all of these customer survey methods and analyse the responses to provide you with customer insight. The data can then be added to your Marketing Database to drive future campaign activity.

Data Research

For your key customers and top prospects you may wish to carry out a deep dive to verify and clean your data. This can be carried out by Dawleys data verification team using our skilled customer service agents and desk research teams.


Dawleys are ISO27001 Information Security Management System compliant. ISO27001 is the international best practice standard for information security covering three key information security areas; people, processes and technology. Companies holding ISO27001 are independently audited and conduct regular risk assessments ensuring the ongoing integrity, confidentiality and availability of information. Dawleys are also Cyber Essentials registered. Cyber Essentials is a UK government scheme encouraging information security good practice.


It is important to note than any data management activity and processes must be GDPR compliant. Dawleys are a highly experienced Data Management company who have worked with data in the Database Marketing industry for over 27 years. Our solutions are tried and tested and we work with many blue chip companies to help keep their data accurate and relevant. Contact us today to find out how we can help you save money and time with our range of data management services.

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