Data Capture

Data capture requires specialist skills and can be a large drain on in-house resources. Efficient processes and sophisticated IT infrastructure are essential to making data capture cost-effective.

Dawleys employs a specialist team dedicated to the art of data capture. We handle all manner of projects for clients in a range of industry sectors. Whether it’s manually capturing data from product registration forms, collecting electronic data straight from the internet or interpreting and updating CRM systems, we can handle your project.

Registration forms

We capture data for clients issuing and receiving registration forms. Registration forms are used for products and services and a registration process is usually offered to customers via a self-completion card, an electronic web-form or by a dedicated phone line which customers can call to supply their personal details. Dawleys works with a number of clients to manage registrations for them, handling customer contact as a white labelled partner.

Updating CRM systems

Many of our clients have their own CRM systems for storing their client data. We are contracted to several clients to carry out specialist data updates that require interpretation and decision making directly into their own CRM systems. Our trained agents are able to review data, interpret the necessary update actions and carry out the actions in real time into the CRM system.

Market Research & Surveys

Despite the advent of the internet some surveys are still carried out via forms which need data capturing. This could be for public consultations which cannot be seen to discriminate against people without internet access or are not internet literate.

Mail order

Many companies produce mail order brochures and catalogues which direct customers to an online shop. Depending on the profile of the typical shopper, there may be a need to produce and capture orders from a paper mail order form. Dawleys has extensive knowledge and experience of capturing order forms, processing payments and picking, packing and despatching the order items. We understand how important it is to turn these orders around quickly and currently aim for receipt, capture and despatch on the same day for many of our mail order clients.

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Dawleys offer a range of data capture services from registration cards to data research and CRM updates

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