Data Processing & Management

We love data. Spreadsheets, relational databases, hard copy forms, suppression files; we’ve handled and processed most formats. And we have extensive experience hosting, managing and maintaining databases on behalf of our clients.

Detail is the key to successfully handling data. By implementing stringent processes and control mechanisms, we’ll be able to keep your data clean and up-to-date. Accurate data maximises the value of your analysis, customer profiling and reduces the cost of your customer communication activity.

Building and managing your database

We host, manage and maintain both business to business and business to consumer databases on behalf of our customers from discrete, in depth profiling of a small number of high value customers to millions of customers based in the UK and overseas.  We have set up and devised addressing standards for our European data which have been adopted across other systems developed by our clients.

Our specialist team is able to work with you to analyse your data-set for a variety of marketing and communications purposes. We can also take data extracts for emailing, mailing and research purposes.

Clean data, clear customer communications

Clean data can be something of a rarity. We use a variety of techniques to ensure your databases are properly maintained and as accurate as possible, giving you an effective tool with which to communicate with your customer base:

Fully accredited

We may be able to offer you a cost-effective solution to your data requirements. Dawleys is ISO27001 Data Security Management accredited and registered under the Data Protection Act.

Our extensive experience means we’ll be able to help you avoid some of the pitfalls of dealing with data.

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Dawleys process and manages data for clients across a range of industries from transport to distribution

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