What is Database Marketing?

Database marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses personalised communication to promote products or services to existing and potential customers. Customer and prospect information is gathered and stored in a central Marketing Database. The Marketing Database is then interrogated, analysed and selections made to make sure that communications are targeted towards the most receptive groups.

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is a promotional method that involves communicating information about your company, product, or service directly to your target customer or prospect. It can be highly effective with clear and measurable results.

Direct marketing communications takes place using a variety of media including mailings, emails, websites, online adverts, phone calls, text messaging, fliers and catalogues. The success of a direct marketing campaign depends significantly upon targeting the right audience.

One of the most cost efficient and effective ways to carry out direct marketing is to utilise your Marketing Database also know as a Direct Marketing Database to and run a direct marketing campaign.

What is a Marketing Database?

Most companies hold an impressive amount of data about their customers and prospects but may not have a way to manage or organise the data into a useable format. Setting up a Marketing Database will enable you to organise your important data to provide analytics and extracts of groups of like types of customers or prospects. A Marketing Database is vital to effectively manage large amounts of data but is also important for companies of any size to store key customer and prospect data in a way that can be profiled and analysed for trends. Specific data such as contact details, email addresses, phone numbers, purchases, enquiries can be queried and for example potential repeat purchasers identified for specific products.

How do I build a Marketing Database?

Building a Marketing Database from scratch can be a daunting prospect for many companies. This is where a professional database marketing agency like Dawleys can provide a cost effective and efficient solution.

We can help you identify what data to use to build and populate your database, re-format data held electronically to make it standardised and usable, datacapture information you hold in a hard copy format, consolidate the data into a relational database, host your database in our secure data centre or transfer to you if you prefer, provide you with online access to your database & provide data analytic services including our online Dawleys Business Intelligence solution.


Database marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses personalised communication to promote products or services to existing and potential customers.

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How will a Customer Database help me?

Five key benefits for every company who invest in a Marketing Database include:

1 Organised Information

Setting up a Marketing Database enables you store all your highly valuable customer and prospect data in one place and to organise the data to support your marketing and sales activities.

2 Predicting buying behaviour and actions

Understanding what customers have previously purchased can provide you with sales trends and help predict what they are likely to purchase next and when.

3 Creating targeted communications

Analysing the information in your Marketing Database enables you to select targeted groups of your most promising customers or prospects to purchase specific products or services. Targeted communications save money and make better use of your sales resource.

4 Monitoring campaign results

One of the key elements of any marketing campaign is measuring its success. Using a Marketing Database you can store key campaign attributes to determine if phone call is better than an email or do your customers respond better to a mailing or a social media campaign. These metrics combined with your costs and sales can quickly calculate your ROI for your marketing activity.


Your Marketing Database can be used to help you comply with GDPR legislation and is can be very useful for Consent Management and Preference Management. For each contact you can digitally record their consent, the legal basis for why you are storing this data, the source of the data and consent and when and who updates the information. Even after a contact has given consent the contact should always have a right to object to receiving future marketing communications. Your Marketing Database can provide a framework to hold all consent and preference data.

How can Dawleys help you?

Dawleys are a highly experienced Database Marketing company who have worked in the direct marketing industry for over 27 years. Working with all business sectors from private, government, not for profit and public sector Dawleys have worked on many Marketing Database projects from a few thousand customer records to over 50 million customers.

Dawleys can provide you with solutions to support your Database Marketing including

Efficient data management saves you time and money when analysing data for campaign development, audience targeting and campaign follow up. To find out how we can help you, contact information@dawleys.com.