Email Broadcasting & SMS

Emails are relatively cheap, quick and easy to set up and send. But it’s important to follow the rules and make sure messages are clear and to the point.

Dawleys specialises in setting up and sending emails that provide essential information to our clients’ customers. This might include confirmation that orders have been despatched, details of forthcoming works and closures on a transport network or warnings of closures and proving customers with alternative sites to visit

Full reporting and analysis

Dawleys provides detailed email and reporting and analysis for our customers. Open rates are detailed, click through rates analysed, and hard and soft bounces investigated. This type of information helps our clients refine their communications, ensuring more effective future broadcasts.

Cleaning data as we go

As part of our processes we will typically ensure email response data is used to update our client’s database. This helps to maintain a clean email list, which is essential to maintaining email reputations and keeping your delivery and open rates high.

Fully accredited to handle your data

Data is what we do at Dawleys. We are ISO27001 accredited and comply fully with all relevant data regulations. Our processes include TPS and CTPS data screening before usage.

As an ISO9001 accredited company, we maintain a client-focussed Quality Management System. As part of this, we take care to fully understand your brief and train our data capture and email broadcasting staff on your requirements.

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Dawleys handles extensive email broadcasting and specialist SMS services for clients looking to maintain effective customer communications for essential services

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