Online Surveys & Analysis

Surveys have become even more commonplace with the advent of the internet. Online survey software has made it easy to set up and send a survey to your customers.

That said, experience of creating engaging & eye catching surveys, effectively distributing the survey by email using subject lines and copy that do not get blocked by the Internet Service Providers and understanding and analysing the data from your survey can be the difference between success and failure.

Creating your survey

Dawleys can help you design a question-set that meets your needs. How you phrase your question can make a difference to the answers you get back, and can skew your findings one way or another. Opening ended vs closed, multiple choice, free-form response boxes and a host of other formats can all be used to enrich your survey responses.

A key question to ask yourself is what do you want from your survey?  What questions do you need answers to, how do the answers inform your understanding, how will the answers help you make decisions.

Survey distribution

We’ll apply our stringent data and email broadcasting processes to your online survey activity. Ensuring you have a clean data set to begin with and don’t send the survey in an inappropriate manner will mean you remain compliant and hit the inboxes of those you want to hear from.  There are key words and phrases you should avoid and we can provide hints and tips about subject lines and content that all help to get your survey into the inbox of your recipient.

Data analysis

Analysing the results can is not only specialist but can be hugely time consuming. Our team can help by working with you to understand the data gathered from your survey and present it to you in a graphical way.  Our online Dawleys Business Intelligence portal will provide you with an easy to view analytics tool where you can download your data and results.

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Dawleys has built, distributed and analysed hundreds of online surveys for clients over the past decade

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