Case Study

Product and Services Registrations*

How Dawleys takes the hassle away from processing your customers’ registrations

*This case study is based on a live project but due to commercial sensitivity we are unable to provide client specifics

Dawleys helps organisations of all shapes and sizes process their customer registrations

Postal Returns

Our mailroom team will receive and process your customer forms, and pass them onto our data capture team for scanning or keying


Our trained team of agents will handle your customers calling in to register their products

Web Form

Our IT systems will capture the data your customers input into your web form and transform into a format that suits you


We’ll take registration data sent via email and convert it into a format that works with your systems

Our data management team will combine all of your data to remove duplicates and reformat to suit your needs.

Communicating with your Customers

  • We can contact your customer by mail, email or SMS, confirming their successful registration
  • Your data can be analysed and online data analytics set up for you to view your customers and drill into the data
  • Your customers can be sent a personalised welcome pack or welcome communication. Emails can be sent same day as registration captured
  • Our online team can set up surveys and email your customers for you

In short, Dawleys is your one-stop-shop to handle your entire registration process. By removing the hassle, we allow you to start building relationships with you customers using a clean data-set.