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  • High speed machine enclosing for standard packs
  • Hand enclosing for bespoke mailing packs
  • Laser printing in mono and colour
  • Mail sortation to optimise postage costs


  • HTML build
  • Assistance optimising email delivery into inboxes
  • Email sending and reporting
  • Unsubscribe management

What our clients think

"Dawleys responsiveness to our changing requirements has always been excellent. They adapt and maintain excellent professionalism, whilst continuing to facilitate our response lead strategy. Their lead pre-qualification has always been to a very high standard."
Les Donnelly
Royal Mail
"Dawleys have worked with us on a number of projects over the last two years, providing inbound and outbound call centre services. They are extremely helpful, diligent, thorough, and flexible, effectively representing our brands when our internal resource requires augmentation."
Neil Hargreaves
RGL Management

When email and direct mail activity are combined you have an extremely effective marketing strategy

Both types of media can work together to help you create greater 1-to-1 relationships with your customers.

Adapt your communication choice to fit your customer’s needs.

Physical mail vs email...which is the best to use?

This depends upon the message you’re trying to send…

Great Customer Experience

In a crowded market place choosing the right means of communication can help you provide a great customer experience and gain you a competitive advantage.

By differentiating yourself from your competitors, with effective and relevant communications, you will support and enhance your brand and your customers will reward you with long term loyalty.

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feel more valued

Mailings or Email?

What’s the best way to communicate? It’s not either mail or email. Both have their pros and cons. Email is a relatively cheap and easy way to communicate with large numbers of people quickly. A mailing can make your customers feel more valued. Use both to promote your brand, instil customer loyalty and generate an action to purchase.

57% of people said that receiving mail makes them feel more valued. Only 17% said this of email.

Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, The Private Life of Mail

When it's important...

Research by Royal Mail shows that mail is viewed as important, believable and reliable whereas email is seen as an incredibly effective way to deliver communications that are quick, smart and informal. For example purchase and delivery confirmations or any comms that are time critical or triggered by customer activity. You can adapt your communication choice to fit your customer’s needs.

Source: Royal Mail, MarketReach, Mail and email Research Report

Better chance of success

A mailing allows you to get totally creative and you can send an example of your product in the post. Unlike an email where you have one chance to sell based on your subject line. Email recipients spend less than 2 seconds glancing at an email, a further 20% will spend between 2 and 8 seconds on an email. The total average time spent on an email is 11 seconds. That is assuming your email doesn’t become automatically filtered into a Spam folder. The rise of email spam and phishing scams, malware and viruses has meant more emails never reach the end recipient even if you’re campaign is ethical and genuine.

Source: Litmus

Mailing FAQs

Regardless of whether you are mailing, emailing or using the phone you need to get your customer and prospect data in order. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) expects every Data Controller (ie you) to be responsible for how and why their data is processed. You may choose to manage your data yourself or you may choose to use a professional data processing company like Dawleys to be your ‘Data Processor’. Either way how you manage your data must comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Your relationship with your customer’s is going to be more successful if you understand their wants and needs. We all want to be treated as an individual and this is where data analytics comes into play. By drilling into your data you can discover a world of customer intelligence that will define your audience, help you understand their preferred method of communications and provide insight for you to define offers and services that are relevant and timely. Dawleys can help you update, segment and analyse your data in a secure ISO27001 Information Security Management environment.

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