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James Gill

Account Manager

Having worked for Dawleys for over 10 years, it’s fair to say I feel at home at the company. I’ve worked in various departments but now reside within Client services giving me a well-rounded knowledge of all areas of the business.

As an Account Manager, I take pride in the fact that I can help the business in various different ways. Whether that’s liaising with clients, using my IT skills to build HTML emails or processing reports, I’m happy just to help.

Laid back is how most people describe me both inside and outside of work. I’d like to think that’s a positive attribute as I’m rarely flustered and can take on whatever task or role that is asked of me. When I’m not a ‘chilled-out entertainer’ at work I spend my time watching TV comedies, playing football (at a very low standard), supporting my local team Hereford FC and exploring new places whenever possible.

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